Chicago Public Schools lays off 550 teachers and 600 other staff

By Kyle Johnson,

Chicago Public Schools announced on Thursday that nearly 1,200 teachers and other staff were being laid off.

The layoffs, 550 teachers and 600 other staff, had to happen because it is expected that during the next school year, there would be fewer students enrolled, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The additional layoffs come not long after three schools fired all 147 staffers. Officials have said though that despite the large number of layoffs, nearly 60 percent should be able to find employment at other CPS schools.

CPS head Barbara Byrd-Bennett said that there are expected to be about 1,780 openings that those laid off can apply for, with the majority of positions full-time.

According to the Chicago Tribune, those teachers receiving pink slips would hear from school officials by phone on Thursday.

Though plenty of teachers just lost their jobs, the number is maybe half of how many were laid off in 2013 when several schools in Chicago had to shutdown.



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