China’s decision to rid mountains may be harmful to the environment

By Angelica Stephens,

China’s decision back in 2012 to rid the country of hundreds of mountains in order to create more land has left scientists recently wondering whether the decision may do more harm than good.

The Huffington Post reported two years ago that the Chinese city Lanzhou made the decision to remove 700 mountains in order to create a new urban city. The project is expected to cost over $3 billion to complete and will smooth 805 kilometers of land, according to News 24.

Researchers from Chang’an University are concerned with the decision due to the fact that removing mountains has worked well in the past for coal mining, but has not been proven a safe idea for creating an urban area. Also in 2013, the project was put off for a while due to air pollution and required an environment assessment. The assessment has yet to be completed; however, despite this, the project has continued.

Scientists have warned everyone that the mountains that have already been demolished have caused pollution in the water and air and that it has also led to flooding and the erosion of soil, AutoWorldNews noted.

Angie Wong, one of the project’s spokespeople, responded by stating that the city of Lanzhou is already in a poor environment with a scarce supply of water. She assures that the project will increase the water supply and induce reforestation. One of China’s wealthiest men, Yan Jiehe, is also on board for the project.



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