CIA launches Twitter page with perfect first tweet

By Daniel S Levine,

The Central Intelligence Agency is making a push to get more technologically savvy, at least when it puts on a public face. A Twitter page has already been launched and a Facebook page is coming soon.

The nation’s top spy agency sent out the perfect first tweet, which simply reads, “We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet.”

Still, it is a verified account and already has over 80,000 followers. The account is following several other government agencies, such as the Library of Congress, NASA, the Department of State and the Department of Defense. Oh, and the CIA is following the NSA.

According to The Washington Post, the CIA does already have Flickr and YouTube pages, along with their official CIA.gov site. CIA Director John Brennan said in a statement today that their goal is to get the public more engaged in the activity and educate on its history... well, it’s declassified history.

“We have important insights to share, and we want to make sure that unclassified information about the Agency is more accessible to the American public that we serve, consistent with our national security mission,” Brennan said.

It does sound like the CIA will be more interested in sharing insights from the CIA museum or past activity that’s already been made public. That means that there’s not going to be much day-by-day activity on Twitter.

The only special treatment the CIA got from Twitter was ensuring that it could use the “@CIA” handle. Obviously since Twitter has born, someone else must have taken it, but when the CIA asked for it, Twitter couldn’t say no.

“CIA filed an impersonation complaint with Twitter and they secured the @CIA account for us, which is routine for government agencies,” a CIA spokesperson told the Post.



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