Clint Dempsey scores U.S.' quickest goal in World Cup history

By Kaitlyn Clay,

Thirty seconds into the U.S.' first World Cup match of 2014 and the fearless captain Clint Dempsey scored, stunning opponent Ghana.

Ghana is America's worst nightmare when it comes to the World Cup tournament. The country that is about the size of Oregon has beaten the U.S. twice before in the tournament. However, the U.S. shot off to an amazing start as Dempsey slipped around several defenders and glanced the shot off the post.

Bleacher Report said that Dempsey, or "Captain America," as he has been nicknamed might be the most important player for for the U.S., and definitely is who the players will be looking to for leadership, with Landon Donovan not making the team.

The quick score was good for the U.S. as striker Jozy Altidore went down in the first half with a hamstring injury.

USA Today wrote that Dempsey appeared locked in during the National Anthem and definitely will have to be as determined as he looked if the U.S. is to have any chance in the opening round.

The U.S. has unfortunately been place is the "group of death" as all the commentators are describing it as. The U.S. was placed together with Germany, Portugal and Ghana all of whom are known for their soccer teams and their ability to advance consistently in the World Cup.

image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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