Colorado teen doesn’t notice tornado because of loud music

By Michelle Kapusta,

A teenager in Colorado suffered minor injuries after he failed to see a tornado heading right for him.

According to KRDO, Wyatt Schrepfer was mowing weeds outside his parent’s home and was not aware of what was spinning behind him because he had the music in his earphones blaring.

"It was coming in on me over my left shoulder so I didn't see it," he said. "The hood of the tractor blew up and when I stood up to pull it back down, my hat flew off behind me, so I turned and saw it.”

The 18-year-old knew he had to take cover and quickly because the tornado was almost on top of him.

CNN noted that the teen tried to run, but was pulled back, so he ducked behind his tractor and his back took the brunt of the 110-mph funnel.

Schrepfer emerged with only minor injuries and a story to tell.

No one else was hurt during Friday’s tornado.



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