'Community' won't be picked up by Hulu after all

By Will Ashton,

As if they have not gotten enough already, Community fans have received more bad news this morning, as it has just been revealed that Hulu will not be picking up the show for future seasons.

According to TV Line, talks between the streaming network and the producers of the show have collapsed. Although things were looking good for the show as the company had expressed a lot of interest in hosting new seasons of the show, it seems that something has changed or they simply have lost interest.

With that said, although prospects are even dimmer then they were before, there is still a slight chance that the show will be able to make its six season as a movie. TV Line notes that on June 30, the actors' deals with Sony Pictures Television will expire, but the producers are actively spending the next week looking up all possible avenues of keeping the show alive.

Whether they do this because they truly believe in the show or just want to keep those syndication checks coming to the bank is not known at the moment, but at least they still have faith in the show. Especially at a time when even fans are starting to doubt the prospects of seeing the show live on become a reality.

Image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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