Controversy surrounding 'Big Brother' contestant before season premiere

By Kayla Stroud,

Less than a year removed from the controversy that surrounded the 2013 season of the CBS reality show, Big Brother, a new situation seems to be on the horizon. An old post that Caleb Reynolds, a 26-year-old contestant, posted on his Instagram account has come to light and is causing a Twitter stir.

According to Bigbrothernews.totalh.net, Reynolds created a post on his Instagram account two years ago about his grievance with President Barack Obama’s win. However, when someone questioned his views, he said, “…you believe in murder? You agree with those f*gs?…Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you. your dismissed.”

Last season TMZ had several reports of cast members caught on the show’s live feeds making racist, sexist and homophobic remarks throughout the show last summer, which prompted a disclaimer to be shown before the airing of each episode.

This new information has caused fans to question whether they are in for another upsetting season of uncomfortable, intolerable actions.

It appears that Reynolds has deleted his Instagram account following the comments coming to light.

The show’s 16th season is set to premiere on June 26.



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