Could Mitt Romney be running for president in 2016?

By Aubrie Reichardt,

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney didn’t give up after he lost to President Barack Obama in 2012. Romney has never really left the political scene and has been helping the Republican Party through fundraising. Now there is talk that he might yet again run for president.

Romney has been afraid that there might be a bad stigma against him for losing in the last presidential election. However, the opposite has seemed to happen. Republicans seemed to like the idea of his second try, according to CBSNews.

Romney is a favorite and has a lot of potential but could still struggle if he runs for president again. Other than being a master in fundraising, Romney may have another positive quality that can help him in another run for president, Inquisitr reported. Romney’s view on foreign affairs may be a key tool during the 2016 election if he finds himself there.

With Hillary Clinton in the running, a second run for Romney will not be easy.

Which republican candidate do you think has a good chance of becoming president? Or will the democrats win again?

Credit: Joe Gall/INFphoto.com



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