Court rules in favor of Beastie Boys in case against Monster Energy

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

It is time to sing the high praises as the case of the Beastie Boys versus Monster Energy has come to a close, or at least a pause. The group was awarded $1.7 million.

Following the case, which first went to court late May, the jury has voted on a verdict in favor of the popular band. Rolling Stone reports that the band sued the energy drink company over their use of the music group’s material in their promotional commercials.

With that, the band sued for up to $2.5 million on account for copyright infringement and false endorsement yet the jury decided on a settlement of 1.7 million, reports Reuters. It is still not a bad sum of money for the group.

Monster was less than thrilled with the ruling as the company claims it owes no more than $125,000 as this was a mistake of one employee who believed the company had rights to the music.

How Monster could get the information so wrong is up for discussion considering Beastie Boys’ former member, Adam Yauch, who passed away in 2012, specifically put in his will that all companies are prohibited from using their music in advertisements.

Reid Kahn, one of Monster’s lawyers, commented following the ruling that the popular energy drink corporation will appeal the case.

image courtesy of Trevor Kent/INFGoff.com



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