Daily Recap World Cup 2014 6/19, Uruguay’s Luis Suárez eliminates England

By Andrew Wilson,

Columbia move to the top of the group securing their entry to the round of 16, leaving Ivory Coast fighting to stay in it. Although Wayne Rooney finally found the back of the net in the World Cup, Uruguay’s Luis Suárez nearly eliminates England with a brace.

Group C: Columbia v Côte d'Ivoire, 2-1

Ivory Coast had plenty of chances during the opening half with 6 shots fired and 5 on target. With only one shot on target the first half, Columbia started to take over at the 64th minute when Rodriguez headed a goal from a corner through the goalkeeper’s hands. While Ivory Coast tried to make a frenzied comeback with a few quick shots, Columbia’s Quintero dribbled down the field, going on a one on one situation with the goalie and fires one past making it 2-0.

Just three minutes later though Côte d'Ivoire answered with a goal from Gervinho drilling it through the hands of Columbia’s goalkeeper. Ivory Coast could have had a chance for an equalizer in stoppage time, as a misguided pass backwards from Columbia created a breakaway, but Columbia’s goalkeeper managed to slide outside the box to kick the ball out of bounds.

Group D: Uruguay v England, 2-1
Shockingly neither team won their first match and as the Telegraph UK pointed out, it was a do-or-die match for both team with the victor going on in hopes of a chance to get in the round of 16.

Ironically, it would be one of the brightest players in the English Premier League that would send England home, with Luis Suárez striking at the 39th minute with a header past England keeper Joe Hart from a lofty cross from Edison Cavani. It would only be halfway through the second that Wayne Rooney, who is also Suárez’ club rival, would equalize, and after much criticism, would finally get a World Cup goal. England’s high would not last long as 6 minutes before stoppage time, Suárez got his second and game winning goal.

Group C: Japan v Greece, 0-0
Japan and Greece were in a similar situation as England and Uruguay but after 90 minutes, and 4 minutes of stoppage, they were both left goalless, leaving the door for second place in the group still open. In the earlier match Columbia advanced, and will likely sit at the top of the group.

As mentioned in The Guardian with Ivory Coast’s loss, staying firm at 3 points, and Japan and Greece now at 1 point a piece, it now comes down to the math of who wins and how many goals are scored to determine which one of the three teams will go on to the next stage of play.

June 20: Fighting for top positions Group D Italy v Costa Rica and Group E Switzerland v France, while Honduras v Ecuador try to keep their hopes alive for a chance back in the race.



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