Dame Dash is frustrated with assumptions of his financial state and with hip-hop radio station ‘Hot 97’

By Ricky Yandoli,

Business mogul Dame Dash is famous for being a part of creating and co-founding Roc-a-fella Records, which he did so with former associates Jay-Z and Kareem Burke. However, ever since his departure from Roc-a-fella Records, there have been reports that Dash has suffered some financial problems. However, Dash, who is a person who is not shy to speak his mind, is frustrated with these claims and is not sure why people are so concerned about his economic earnings.

“First of all, how could I be broke and I got all these companies? Second of all, why the f#@$ are people talking about another man’s pocket,” said Dash, confirmed by WorldStarHipHop.

In another statement, Dash shows his frustration with the current music industry today. Specifically, he states that people who work for hip-hop radio station Hot 97 in New York City are not fighting for what they believe in. Employees of the station are safe and do not know anything about owning a company.

“Hot 97 is owned by a parent company and those people culturally have nothing to do with Hip Hop. They make money from it all day long. Other people that work for Hot 97 fight for them but they own nothing. They have a secure salary. They don’t know about putting up their own money." He continued by saying they didn't know about fighting for something they believe in, reports HotNewHipHop.

His frustrations of his talked about financial state and radio station Hot 97 is something he takes very seriously. Dash has been a name affiliated with hip-hop and the behind-the-scenes business aspect since the 1990’s. He is making sure in his own way that he is setting the record straight about topics his name is a part of.



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