Dave Chappelle performs at NYC's Radio City Music Hall

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Dave Chappelle returned to New York City with his comedy routine at Radio City Music Hall this past Wednesday.

Photo courtesy of INFphoto.com

For fans who have been watching him since his popular show on Comedy Central, he spent a moment making up for lost time. Chappelle, 40, joked to his fans, "I'm just back out here earning enough money to disappear again," according to the Associated Press.

Chappelle chose to write about family life in the solo comedy routine. Chappelle was best known for his television show, Chappelle's Show. He was also in the film, Half Baked.

During the show, Chappelle discussed his wife as well as stories about his children's packed school lunches.

Chappelle will be playing a total of nine shows at Radio City. He will be joined by music acts like the Roots, Nas and Janelle Monae, a change from the day-to-day on the television series.

Plenty of time was spent in his routine musing about his television show. Chappelle said, “There’s a method to my madness. It was dramatic, but I feel better,” according to the Daily Beast.



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