'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 6/16-6/20

By Samantha Glick,

Abigail was asked to be Sami's maid of honor, Nicole refused to help Eric, Sami and Nicole fought over Eric, Hope and Aiden continued to plan for the gala, Victor fired Kate, Sami and Kate had a major confrontation, Jennifer and Daniel are over, Eve Donovan returned to Salem, Brady and Theresa got closer.

Brady was high on cocaine when he completed a business deal at the mansion. He hung up the phone and decided to celebrate with even more cocaine and a visit with Theresa. John arrived, making Brady put his drugs away. John tried to explain that he wanted to save Brady, but the addict didn't want to hear it. Brady wondered if there was a siren that went off in his father's head every time he felt his son was in trouble. John took the hint and realized his son was on drugs. Brady passed it off as being too wired from lack of sleep, but John knew better. Brady left the mansion.

While Theresa looked over the text from Brady, she saw JJ in the Horton Town Square. He was admiring a necklace, and Theresa wondered if it was for Paige. JJ questioned how she knew his girlfriend's name, and she claimed she overheard it. She stated that Paige wasn't his type, being that she was too innocent. JJ explained that Paige knew everything about his past, but Theresa was just messing around with him. She didn't care what JJ did with Paige. JJ told her to get a life and left.

Paige and Mary Beth hung out at the Brady Pub and discussed their excitement over finally graduating high school. Mary Beth mentioned how Paige's mom was finally going to meet her "loser boyfriend." Paige defended JJ, but Mary Beth pointed out that she will freak when she learns of his past.

Sami and EJ warned Kate not to do anything to stop their wedding. Kate said she doesn't care about their wedding and informed them that there might be a double wedding at the mansion. Sami attempted to go after Kate, but EJ pulled her away. Sami inquired about how quickly could they get married.

Jordan continued to eavesdrop on Rafe's phone conversation with his mother. Once he hung up, she went over to try to comfort him. He snapped at her and told her to leave him alone. Lucas and Kate met and the club and gossiped about Gabi having a role in Melanie's kidnapping. Lucas saw Rafe and tried to comfort him, but only made things worse. Kate scolded her son and sent him away. Kate sat down and began ordering drinks for herself and Rafe. He confided in her about how he let his sisters and the women he was romantically involved with down. Kate said it wasn't true and reminded him that not all the women he was with needed rescuing.

Ben and Abigail discussed plans for their first date, but he was called away. Sami and EJ arrived, and Sami asked if Abigail could be their unofficial wedding planner. EJ and Abigail grew pale, as Abigail attempted to get out of it. EJ agreed for her to plan the wedding. Sami was excited and hinted at the secret project the two women were working on. Once Sami left, Abigail yelled at EJ, asking what was wrong with him. He explained that Sami would've been suspicious if she didn't agree to help. Ben and Jordan met in another area of the park where he lent a shoulder for Jordan to cry on about how much Rafe has pushed her away.

Paige went to JJ's house where he gave her the necklace. Paige was elated as they shared a kiss. She informed him about Mary Beth's comments toward him, but it didn't change how she felt about him. JJ pointed out that Paige was reading his father's book, which made him proud and uneasy.

Brady met Theresa at the square while he drank a martini. John lurked nearby and witnessed Brady and Theresa going back to her place. They had sex, and Brady continued to complain about his father's meddling. Theresa defended John's actions, but secretly plotted against him.

Sami was on the phone and spoke about setting a date for her wedding. Rafe and Kate fell into bed together and began to have sex.

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