'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 6/23-6/27

By Samantha Glick,

Sami continued to make preparations for the wedding and her revenge. Abigail became increasingly uncomfortable. Jennifer learned Eve's true intentions. Daniel was shocked at Nicole. Hope wanted to know about Aiden's late wife. Marlena was jealous of Roman and Giselle. Kate got a tip about Jordan in the Ozarks. Rafe and Jordan tried again. Theresa confided in Anne about her need for Brady.

EJ called Abe to the Dimera mansion to officiate his wedding to Sami. Sami arrived and listened as it would be a surprise to her. She hinted about a few surprises she had for him and Abigail. Sami greeted Abe, and he agreed to be there for the two of them. EJ thanked his brother-in-law for setting aside his feelings for him.

Abigail stressed about all the work she had to do for the wedding at Club TBD. Tad appeared and began to tease her about having feelings for Ben. He also hinted that she wouldn't want to get on Sami's bad side. He questioned her reaction when he commented on EJ being a decent guy. Abigail quipped that she just wanted the wedding to end already. She met up with Sami at the square to inform her that she had no problem planning the wedding. Sami gave her a chance to back out as maid of honor, but Abigail refused. Things got awkward when Sami went on about how wonderful EJ was. Abigail agreed to do a reading at the wedding.

Ben and Jordan talked at the park about Rafe. Ben said Rafe was being a jerk, while Jordan tried to look at the bright side; they could finally leave their past in the past. They argued about their safety in Salem with Ben offering to help Jordan not give up on Rafe.

Kate and Rafe spoke about Jordan at the Brady Pub. She told him to stop punishing himself for what Gabi did. He kept saying if he only knew what was going on, he could've prevented things from going too far with Nick. "That's not true," Kate stated. EJ later arrived to brag about his wedding being moved up and hoped Rafe could attend. Rafe said it was unlikely and Sami would see him for the kind of man he really is.

Paige gushed about her being home to Jennifer at the Horton house. They spoke about her travels, which Jennifer was impressed about. When Paige was summoned home, Jennifer invited her to bring her mom for dinner. Jennifer believed she would have a new friend.

Eve and JJ had a discussion about his music in her house. She asked about his last name, but got a call before he could answer. He left and wondered how she would feel about him if she found out about his past. Paige got home, and Eve told her she met JJ. Paige was upset, stating she wanted to warn her mother about some things. Eve became a concerned parent when she mentioned JJ's "stoner rock 'n' roll scene" attitude. Paige begged her mother to keep an open mind. While Eve pondered what to wear, Paige accidentally let it slip JJ's last name was Deveraux, which shocked Eve.

Kate wanted to speak with Jordan at the hospital. She informed her that Rafe still felt bad about what happened to Gabi. They both cared about his well-being. Jordan wondered why she was here, and Kate snapped that Rafe needed her. She wanted Jordan to help him through his crisis.

JJ returned home, and Jennifer said that Paige was there earlier. He told her about meeting Paige's mom. He struggled to give his opinion of her as he flashed back to her getting dressed. He continued to worry about his criminal record, but Jennifer calmed him down.

Ben went back to Club TBD where Tad said Abigail was with Sami. Jordan caught up with Rafe, who was calling in favors about Gabi. Kate reminded Sami to be careful with how she pursued her plan. Sami reassured her they will get what they want. Abigail fell off a ladder after hanging lights for the wedding and EJ caught her in his arms.

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