'Days of our Lives' weekly recap - 6/9-6/13

By Samantha Glick,

Gabi went to prison, Marlena confronted Sami and Kate over their poor judgment, Nicole fought Daniel and Jennifer, Daniel is hurt by Jennifer, Eric is done with Nicole, Abigail didn't know a friend like she thought, Rafe pushed Jordan away, Will learned a secret Sonny kept from him.

Kate and Will were at the pub discussing Gabi’s confession. Will claimed she was holding up pretty well, she just had Arianna on her mind. He ensured Kate that he and Sonny would visit Gabi with the baby, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Abigail overheard a huge secret from Gabi. She acknowledged they were friends, but Gabi dismissed this, saying she hired Andrew to kidnap Melanie because she wanted Chad. Abigail inquired about Melanie’s knowledge of this, and Gabi sobbed it led to her leaving town. An officer escorted Gabi out, leaving Abigail to weep.

Daniel left Rafe a message reaching out to him about Gabi. Eric arrived, wanting to see the evidence that could clear his name. Daniel tried to apologize, but Eric just wanted the papers. Daniel claimed Nicole set them both up and gave him the papers. He’s happy Nicole told him the truth, but Eric said he heard it from Jennifer.

At the Horton house, Jennifer attempted to go find Daniel, but Nicole stopped her. She barged into her home and started lashing out at her for ruining her life. Jennifer stood her ground, saying Nicole would have never came clean. Nicole argued this, which led to her declaring that Jennifer was jealous of her relationship with Daniel. Jennifer wanted her to stop twisting things around. She later invited Daniel over, so they could talk.

Bev met up with Cole in the park to discuss her latest plan for Paige and JJ. She wanted him to put a couple joints in Paige’s purse.

Ben informed Paige at Sonny’s apartment that she was mistaken about her accusation. She and JJ offered their help to Sonny whenever he needed before leaving. Later, Will returned home to let the boys know he tried to reassure Gabi about their daughter. Ben left when he heard Abigail visited her. Will and Sonny agreed to make things work for the baby.

JJ and Paige caught up with Bev at the town square, where she asked for JJ’s help with her physics final. JJ agreed to help and told Paige he will see her at Club TBD. Bev messaged Cole. While they were studying, Bev dropped hints that Paige was a party girl, which made JJ warn her before he left to find Paige.

Paige caught up with an old friend at the club, while Cole watched. He walked by and spilled his drink on Paige. While she was in the bathroom, he attempted to put the joints in her purse, but she caught him. JJ saw this and chased Cole out, which led to a fight. Cole knocked JJ down.

Ben found Abigail at the hospital and tried to sympathize with her about finding out Gabi murdered Nick. Abigail responded that she and Gabi were never friends.

Kate visited Gabi at the station and told her she was sorry she got caught. Gabi reassured Kate that no one will know about what they did to Nick last fall. Kate empathized with Gabi, knowing what she did to protect her child. They cried and shared a hug. Kate told Gabi she will make sure her daughter knew about the sacrifices she made for her.

Eric was upset when he read the evidence in the park. Nicole threw a tantrum in her room. Jennifer comforted Eric when he visited her. Nicole slapped Daniel when he opened his apartment door to her. They struggled as Nicole broke down.

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