Daytime Emmy red carpet hosts are a disaster

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

Sunday night was the Daytime Emmy Awards and while the actual show went off without a hitch, it was the red carpet show that had viewers wincing and wishing the time would go faster.

It was weeks before the event that the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences went on a casting call for hosts for the red carpet and was searching for “millennials between the ages of 18-35, all ethnicities, who have a strong entertainment news background and/or very strong social media following (300,000 followers minimum),” reports Entertainment Weekly. And these select four were chosen – a vine star, style vlogger, a beauty vlogger and a girl who vlogs about style and beauty. Their names are Brittany Furlan, Lauren Elizabeth, Jessica Harlow, and Meghan Rosette. This just may have been the largest mistake NATAS has ever made.

NY Daily News notes that their behavior was completely unprofessional and did not reflect their followings.

TV Line’s Matt Mitovich said, "(Furlan) literally came onto, and hard, every male in attendance, to a degree that makes E!'s Giuliana Rancic look positively demure.” In addition, two of the hosts told General Hospital star Ryan Paevey that he needed to get away from them before they raped him.

Viewers took to Twitter to note their disgrace to not only the hosts but also the association. What steps will NATAS take following this behavior? Some are hoping for an apology but we will have to wait and see.

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