Death row serial killer Chester Turner guilty of four additional murders

By Kyle Johnson,

California serial killer Chester Dewayne Turner was found guilty in the murders of four more women on Thursday, bringing his known total to 14.

The former pizza deliveryman was convicted in 2007 for the murders of a fetus and 10 women that he raped and strangled between 1987 and 1998 and was sentenced to death. All of the murders occurred in a notoriously shady 30-block stretch in South Los Angeles.

While in prison, police discovered DNA evidence that tied him to the murder of Cynthia Johnson, according to the Los Angeles Times. Three additional deaths were then tacked on.

It took the jury less than a day to find the 47-year-old guilty of first-degree murder of the four additional women. These women, Elandra Bunn, Deborah Williams, Mary Edwards and Johnson, were all found in the same area as the others.

Despite already being condemned to death, Turner faces the possibility of being again sentenced to the death penalty, reports KTLA. The sentencing portion of his trial is set to start Friday.



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