Despite losing, fans of Japanese team clean up trash

By Melissa Barclay,

Japan’s loss in the World Cup against the Ivory Coast came in a close match. The team lost 1-2, but did not leave behind a crowd of angry fans.

As the stadium emptied, fans of the team carried trash bags and cleaned their section, Yahoo Sports reported.

The fans were so thorough in their cleaning job, they left not even a scrap of paper.

A Twitter account, World Cup Problems, posted the picture of the fans cleaning.

According to The Independent, gathering trash after any sporting event is considered customary in Japan. However, for people from other countries, this came as a shock.

The team also displayed good character. Despite losing the match, they bowed to fans, grateful for their support.

Maybe fans of every country attending the World Cup could add this to their list of things to do before leaving the stadium.

To have a chance at advancing to the next round, Japan will have to beat both Colombia and Greece.

It is also expected that after Japan's next match, the dedicated fans and team will be cleaning up their section once again.

Image via Twitter from World Cup Problems

Front page image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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