Destiny's Child reunites for Michelle Williams' music video for 'Say Yes'

By Elizabeth Learned,

Destiny’s Child reunited for singer Michelle Williams' song “Say Yes.” Beyonce, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland worked together again for the song and the video debuted on Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Devan/INFGoff.com

According to ABC News, Williams appeared on Good Morning America and talked about getting back together with her former band mates for the song. “Working together with Destiny’s Child again was amazing. I am just so moved by this moment right now and to have my girls on there," she said.

The girls had a lot of fun together and had to be reminded to get back to work because they would end up laughing and talking like they did when they were younger.

Williams’ song is off of her album Journey To Freedom, which is scheduled to be released September 9. She calls her album her own “personal journey to freedom” and finding freedom from things in life that could be holding one back from being their very best.

E! News reported the girls appear in the video beginning with Williams dancing in the street, followed by Beyonce, and Kelly Rowland.

Good Morning America aired a clip of the girls behind the scenes of the video, with all the girls appearing excited and having fun as they work together once more. Beyonce says in the video, “It’s Destiny’s Child time again!”



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