Detroit woman in critical condition after boyfriend set her on fire

By Amanda Holtzer,

A 40-year-old Detroit woman is currently in critical condition after being set on fire by her 59-year-old boyfriend. The two were in an argument in their Canton Street apartment when the incident occurred Friday evening.

Detroit Fire Arson Chief Charles Simms told The Detroit Free Press, “He ended up pouring gasoline on her and setting her on fire. She suffered second and third-degree burns to… anywhere from 50 to 70% of her body.” Police report that he had been drinking before the fight.

A witness, who prefers not to reveal his identity, told WJBK, “He was trying to light her and I was trying to push his hand back, and then I slid one time and he caught her. So, once he caught her, he jumped up, he’s like, ‘I’m going to jail for the rest of my life!’ and he ran out.” The witness said he put the flames out with a bed comforter.

The woman is in critical condition at Detroit Receiving Hospital. Her boyfriend was immediately arrested at the scene. He could now be facing a lifetime in prison.

Chief Simms told CBS Detroit, “We’re going to try to charge him with, of course, firsts degree arson, which is a life offense, and assault with intent to commit murder.”



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