Disney Junior planning a television series based on 'The Lion King'

By Elizabeth Learned,

Disney Junior is preparing a Lion King television series.

The Wall Street Journal reports the new series, titled The Lion Guard, is set to begin in November 2015. The series will focus on Kion, the son of The Lion King’s Simba, and his journey in putting together the Lion Guard, which would protect their jungle Prideland.

Disney Junior’s general manager Nancy Kanter reportedly said, “It’s kind of like The Lion King meets The Avengers.”

The idea for the show came two years ago when the CEO of Disney, Robert Iger, made the suggestion to create a show in time for The Lion King’s 20th anniversary.

E! Online reported the movie came out in June 1994, and came with two sequels and a television spin-off focusing on the characters Timon and Pumbaa, Simba’s best friends who raise him after he runs away from home. The movie has also been made into a Broadway show.

The show is geared toward preschoolers and will be on both the Disney Channel and Disney Junior.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that Disney Junior showed footage to test audiences, all consisting of young children. Nancy Kanter said, “They were giving us notes about how we should adjust the looks of the hyenas.”

Disney Junior will reportedly release an hour-long movie for the show in November before episodes air in January 2016.



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