Donald Sterling agrees to Los Angeles Clippers sale, will drop lawsuit

By Kyle Johnson,

It appears that the NBA may finally be able to move on from the Donald Sterling controversy now that the owner has agreed to sell the team and drop the lawsuit filed against the NBA.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Sterling has decided to consent to the $2 billion deal his wife Shelly Sterling struck with former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Additionally, he won't be seeking $1 billion in damages from the NBA in an antitrust lawsuit.

His lawyer, Max Blecher, said that part of the agreement also includes the league dropping charges they made against Sterling regarding racially-charged comments he made in private with former girlfriend V. Stiviano.

Still, it isn't too surprising that the lawsuit was dropped, as previously reported, the NBA struck a deal with his wife where they would allow her to sell the team to Ballmer for a record sum and in return she would "indemnify the NBA against lawsuits from others, including Donald Sterling."

Litigious happy Sterling, however, isn't done dealing with lawsuits, as ESPN reports he is now being sued by a former female employee who claims she had a romantic relationship with the 80-year-old.

During their time together Maiko Maya King said she had to deal with a "steady stream of racially and sexually offensive comments."



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