The Donald Sterling saga just won’t end

By Luke Wiersma,
The exiled Clippers owner continues to make news almost daily because of his outlandish behavior

It just won’t end. Donald Sterling is at it again. This time he apparently threatened a couple of doctors who declared him mentally incompetent last month.

Per reports from ESPN.com, aggressive and belligerent voicemails were left by Sterling on the phones of Dr. Meril Sue Platzer and Dr. James Edward Spar earlier this month, calling the doctors, among other things, fruads, liars, cheats, and horrible people. Sterling also asserted that he was going to sue them for large amounts of money, and have their medical licenses revoked as well.

This is the latest black mark on Sterling’s image, since an audio recording of him spewing racial language was released to the public by his mistress. He has called NBA legend Magic Johnson a bad example for the youth of Los Angeles, and gone back on his word to cooperate with the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers, according to SBNation.

Many people other than Platzer and Spar have speculated on Sterling’s mental health, including his own estranged wife Shelly Sterling, who believes he has dementia.

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to this saga either. With Sterling seemingly willing to fight to the bitter end to keep the team, it is safe to assume that we have not heard the last, nor should we expect to any time soon, from Donald Sterling.

image via INFphoto.com



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