Double amputee takes down burglar, sits on him till cops arrive

By Michelle Kapusta,

An Ohio double amputee was able to take down a home invader and keep him down by sitting on him until help arrived.

The New York Daily News noted that Kenisha Marbury came home from work on Saturday night to find a burglar in the Dayton home she shares with her husband, Roy Davis.

As she tried to fight off the intruder, the 34-year-old Davis was outside in his wheelchair and heard her scream.

WHIO reported that once inside Davis, who has two prosthetic legs, also tried fending off the would-be thief and ultimately struck him with a bottle to subdue him. The double-amputee victim then sat on the man, keeping him down until officers arrived.

Authorities said when they got there the suspect, Joseph Copeland, 49, was pinned under Davis and bleeding from his head.

Both Copeland and the handicapped Davis were transported to a local hospital.

Police believe the suspect may have gotten into the home through an unlocked window. He is expected to be treated for a mental condition.



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