Drunk Tampa man tries to steal beer with deputies nearby

By Daniel S Levine,
Because...it's Florida.

In bizarre Florida news today, an apparently trunk 28-year-old Tampa man allegedly tried to steal beer from a convenience store in the presence of sheriff’s deputies who were already there on another call.

The deputies were just outside the Clair-Mel convenience store Sunday night, when Emmanuel Camper decided to stop for some beer. According to the Tampa Tribune, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said that Camper tried to walk out without paying.

Deputies heard the clerk yell “He was stealing beer!” as Camper walked out. So, the deputies, who already had their lights on their cruisers on, arrested him. They said that Camper did not see them and was already intoxicated at the time of the robbery.

According to the Associated Press, Camper was charged with petit theft. He is still in the county jail on $250 bond.

Camper does have a criminal record, including charges of carrying a concealed weapon and domestic violence.



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