Ducks stampede a road in Thailand

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a lot of ducks?

But in all honestly, what could happen to make so many ducks run at once and all in the same direction? It may be something we never find out but while we have heard of stampedes of several different animal species, ducks are definitely not what we had in mind.

Think of the scene in The Lion King where the animals are running furiously as Simba is stuck in the middle of it and then Scar kills Mufasa, and you have what these ducks looks like.

Time reports that a Thai YouTube user uploaded the video, which features an estimated 100,000 ducks simply running through the street and blocks traffic. From there the video has been uploaded to multiple Facebook profiles, according to The Huffington Post, causing it to go viral.

So many ducks and too little space for them as they begin to get caught in the midst of their potential escape plan.

Watch the ducks run for yourself below.



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