Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh opt-out of contract, bad news for the NBA

By Robby Sabo,

Miami Heat fans, the whole 87 of you out there, it is now time to rejoice, as the other two-thirds of the “Big-Three” have now opted-out of their contracts. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have opted-out of their contracts, which most likely means great news in Miami.

Wade, 32-years-old, was scheduled to make a little over $20 million this season, according to Rotoworld.com. Because it is blatantly obvious that no other team would offer Wade that kind of money, it means that he is now buying into the unselfish ways Pat Riley and LeBron James are preaching.

If LeBron James, Wade, and Bosh all stuck with their current contracts, then the Heat would be hard-pressed to fill enough talent in around them under the salary-cap. Now that all three have all opted-out, the possibilities are huge. They are even getting help from veteran Udonis Haslem, who has decided to opt-out despite a nice pay day for him at $4.62 million next season, according to CBSsports.com.

This means that Dwyane Wade has bought into the concept. He has realized that he is not worth that much anymore, and is once again doing the city of Miami and the organization of the Heat a favor, by drastically cutting his salary based on current worth.

If all-three decided to take around the $12 million mark (per season), then the possibility of Carmelo Anthony joining the squad could be a reality. This is a very scary thought for the rest of the NBA, as bad as that may be for the league.

It would continue the trend of power-house teams and less parity in the league, as only a few cities each season can actually dream of a championship.

We were so close to having the NBA be more of a mixed bag again, hoping for LeBron to go elsewhere to provide more parity, but with this news, we need to expect more of the same for 2014 and beyond. It sure looks like Pat Riley is winning again.



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