An earthquake hits Alaska, evacuating 200 residents

By Marcina Zaccaia ,

The National Weather Service reported a 7.9 earthquake in Alaska on Monday.

The earthquake happened on Monday afternoon in the Rat Islands, according to the LA Times.

The quake originally rated at 8.0. Earthquakes at this scale have led to tsunamis. Officials sent a bulletin warning for people located in the Aleutian Islands near the epicenter. The town of Adak evacuated 200 residents.

"Oh, we felt it," city manager Layton Lockett told Reuters. “We felt it in length, in duration and in intensity. We were sitting there for about 20 seconds, then we went outside and it kept going and going and going."

The U.S. Geological Survey released a study last year that showed that an Alaska quake could produce a damaging tsunami. This time the quake was later downgraded to 7.9, and no tsunamis are expected at this time.

California residents were alerted in time to take action, while a map showed that any wave action would arrive in California.

"In California marinas, one third of the boats could be damaged or sunk and two thirds of the docks damaged or destroyed, resulting in at least $700 million of loss," the report said, according to the LA Times.



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