Ed Sheeran talks pop music and cats in new interviews

By Rachel Karach,

Ed Sheeran sang his way into girls’ hearts all over the globe with his first album, +, and he is about to do it again.

Image courtesy of INFphoto.com

In a recent interview with Radio.com, Sheeran opened up about both his career and his personal life in preparation for the release of his second album.

Most noteworthy was his vehement defense of pop music. “Pop (and, especially, hip-hop) producers are as important as rock auteurs, Beyoncé is as worthy of serious consideration as Bruce Springsteen, and ascribing shame to pop pleasure is itself a shameful act,” remarked Sheeran.

The 23-year-old singer is friendly with the wildly successful British pop boy band, One Direction, and seems eager to defend their musical genre. "I'd say pop music is still the number one music that people listen to and has been for the past 70 years, 80 years — however many years. As long as it's popular, it's pop music I guess."

Sheeran is known by his more avid fans to have a strong love for cats. He has previously adopted a handful of them, though he has an endearingly odd preference when choosing his newest pets!

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, he said, “I tend to take in like half eaten, mangy cats off the streets. I just don't go for the cute ones. They up end looking quite cute once you cleaned them up a little bit."

He recently released a new music video for a song off of his second album and it has been a strong success with his fans. X, or Multiply hits stores on June 23.



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