Encounter with shark caught on GoPro in Australia, claims report video is fake

By Andrew Wilson,

Gates are put up for a reason, but that doesn’t stop most people as we can clearly see in this video. A man puts on a GoPro, sneaks around a gate by a small drop into the water in a boating area in Sydney Harbor. What happens is both incredible and terrifying. And very suspect.

Sydney’s Daily Telegraph reports the location is a very popular spot known as Manly’s Jump Rock, off Collins Beach. The paper is also claiming the footage is fraudulent.

When the unidentified man jumps into the water, his friends quickly shout that there is a shark in the water. The first item of suspicion is the man starts to swim out toward where his friends are pointing, not back to shore. The Australian newspaper also claims at the 59-second mark, the shark seems to disappear, than reappear in a separate part of the shot.

Gizmodo writer Campbell Simpson is also crying foul, stating while it is possible that a larger shark would be in that area, it is not probable. Campbell also states if he himself were in that situation, he would be headed for the rocky shore, not “stopping occasionally for the shark to conveniently swim past the camera.



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