Eric Church opens up about friendship with Taylor Swift

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Eric Church is on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine for the first time in his career and the country superstar is opening about his writing process, life on the road and what really happened with Taylor Swift.

Rolling Stone reported that a while ago Church posted a viral video supporting his latest album. The video featured Taylor Swift thanking Church for getting kicked off the Rascal Flatts tour. Swift took his spot on the tour and that helped to launch her career into superstardom. The video featured the words "One Will Rise and One Will Fall" at the bottom.

Image courtesy of Michele Eve Sandberg/INFphoto.com

The video quickly upset Swift's large fan base and the video was taken down. Church opened up about the incident and explained that it was not meant to be an insult to Swift. The "One Will Rise and One Will Fall" was in reference to his two new singles, not Swift.

"This is about where my manager about got me killed. When Taylor was on the CMA awards thanking me for getting kicked off the Flatts tour, I saw it on the bus and loved it. What John wanted to show was we wanted to pay homage to our path and what this record was, going with what Taylor said," Church explained.

"I love Taylor. I love her art her creatively, we're buds. All of a sudden I'm calling out Taylor, and it couldn't have been farther from the truth."

Swift and Church have since talked about the incident and are now friends, moving past all of the drama, the Inquistir added.



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