Fabien Cousteau sets out to break grandfather’s record for longest time living underwater

By Mila Whiteley,

Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of underwater explorer Jacques Yves-Cousteau, might just break his grandfather’s record when it comes to the amount of time spent living underwater.

Jacques Yves-Cousteau was known for his exploration and fascination with the ocean, and won an Academy Award for his documentary World Without Sun on the subject, reports CBS News.

In 1963 Jacques even spent 30 days underwater in the Port of Sudan in a facility he built, setting a world record, according to Liberty Voice.

His grandson Fabien plans to break that record by staying underwater for 31 days in a lab, called Aquarius, that is about the size of a bus. He descended to the lab on June 1 according to CBS News. While working in this research lab does provide the opportunity to break the underwater record, Fabien also hopes to bring attention to the ocean, the amount of life that it supports and the unexplored areas it contains.

"If we don't spark the interest of our upcoming generations in terms of ocean exploration, we are faced with some of the most dire consequences that human beings have ever faced," Fabien said.



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