Facebook launches Slingshot, a new kind of Snapchat

By Allison Rubenstein,

Facebook has launched a new app called Slingshot that will enable users to send photo and video messages to friends. The app was released early on accident last week.

Slingshot is fairly similar to Snapchat. The main difference is that Slingshot does not allow you to view a message without first sending one back. All you can see is a pixilated preview of the photo or video, according to the Associated Press. If you don’t care to open the message, you can swipe it away, which deletes it permanently.

Another response option is to send the message creator a reaction shot of you opening his or her message. In this case, the screen splits in half, with the message on one side and the camera on the other. The original sender is not required to send a message back in order to open your response.

“Because you sling something to see something on #Slingshot, everyone is a creator and no one is just a spectator,” reads the new app’s Facebook page.

Watch Facebook’s promotional video for Slingshot!



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