'Faking It' Recap: 1.08 - 'Burnt Toast'

By Kelly Sarna,

It’s time for Amy’s Mom and Lauren’s Dad’s wedding in the first season finale of Faking It. Confessions are made, hearts are broken, and a jaw-dropping twist occurs!

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The episode begins with Karma and Liam (post-hookup) recreating their best Ghost fantasy (for Karma’s sake), clay pots and all. While doing so, Liam brings up the topic of their relationship and where they stand. Karma says they can’t be official until she and Amy quietly breakup. They must sneak around for six months top (aka a lifetime for high school boys).

The next day is the wedding. Amy is seen practicing her toast while Karma is helping her. Her speech is…yeah it’s not great. Karma suggests she speaks from the heart.

Meanwhile, Shane and Liam are chillin’ in Liam’s car. Liam is having withdrawals from being Karma-less (texts just won’t cut it), while Shane is browsing through Pablo‘s social media. He thinks it’s sad how he’s just pining away after him (note: he isn’t). Shane shows Liam one of the photos of him at the wedding. Noticing Karma in it, he convinces Shane to go to the wedding to tell this guy off once and for all. And so he can meet up with Karma.

Now the reception of the wedding, Karma and Amy are on “keeping Amy’s Grandma sober” duty. It doesn’t last long. After commenting on how religious the ceremony was, Grandma asks for her flask back as well as ginger ale chaser. As Karma is trying to retrieve the latter, she mistakes Liam for one of the waiters. Needless to say, she gets her Liam fix instead of Grandma’s beverage.

On the dance floor, Lauren is dancing with Pablo. She reveals to him that she broke up with Tommy after he spilled her pill poppin’ secret. However she doesn’t blame him, she blames Shane. Speaking of, as this conversation is occurring, he’s a faux waiter within eavesdrop length. “Shane is a bad person,” he overhears Lauren saying.

Karma, still making out with Liam, stops upon hearing their song, “Straight Up” by Paula Abdul. Their, as in Karma and Amy’s. They head to the dance floor and breakout in their clearly “choreographed since middle school” dance. It’s cute as can be. Not to Amy’s Mom it isn’t. She grounds her for two weeks because of it. Amy suggests making her Mom look bad during her toast, but Karma slashes that idea. She knows Amy will regret it down the line. “You know me better than I know myself,” Amy tells Karma. It’s taken Karma years of practice.

It’s speech time for both Amy and Lauren. Lauren’s up first. Just as she begins her speech, Liam pulls Karma under a table. Lauren’s speech is more sincere than Amy’s could ever be. When it’s her turn, she tosses her prepared cards and follows Karma’s advice: speaks from her heart.

As Amy is about to speak, Karma comes out from under the table.

Within the speech, Amy subtlety hints at her feelings for Karma. “You’ve fallen in love with your best friend. The person who knows you better than you know yourself. I would kill to spend the rest of my life with that person.”

Karma‘s light bulb finally flicks on and puts two and two together, sad and confused eyes and all.

Afterwards, Amy is pacing back and forth in her room. Karma walks in ready to confront her. “Amy do you have feelings for me?” she asks. Amy admits she does and states she was scared at first, but now excited, “like bungee jumping.” She wants Karma to feel the same way but…she doesn’t. Karma blurts out she slept with Liam to get Amy to stop; she does. Amy walks away in tears, causing Karma also to breakdown in tears.

Still at the wedding, Shane wants to leave, but Liam wants to find Karma. The truth gets out that Liam only came for her and not Shane. He loves her and is going to be with her. “Poor Amy,” Shane mumbles. Liam says it’s okay, Amy knows and is totally okay with it. Shane decides it’s time he tell his best friend the truth about the “faking it” fiasco.

Sitting at a table, Amy has had one champagne too many and Lauren tries to comfort her with cake. Lauren reveals she overheard everything in their bathroom. The two discuss their love issues (Lauren’s breakup with Tommy and Amy’s feelings for Karma) and actually connect.

Also drunk, Liam sits off in a corner mopey now that he knows the truth. Karma walks up to him about to explain her talk with Amy. But he doesn’t want to be her shoulder to cry on because how hard was it to break up with your fake girlfriend?

Later, Amy is trying to snag more booze from the workers, but they claim she’s had enough. Annoyed, she locks eyes with the first person she sees: Liam Booker, current fellow Karma hater.

Both drunk and upset, the unlikely pair sleep with each other in Amy’s bed. And after that “didn’t see it coming” scene, concludes Season 1 of Faking It.

As for the fate of Karma, Amy, Liam and co? We’ll have to wait until Season 2 (which has officially been announced)!



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