Fan reactions to 'Game of Thrones' episode "The Mountain and the Viper"

By Elise Gabriele,

This story contains spoilers to Game of Thrones episode “The Mountain and the Viper.” The embedded videos contain graphic images and violence.

The end of last Sunday’s episode of Game of Thrones entitled “The Mountain and the Viper,” left fans squirming in their seats. The highly-anticipated fight between Prince Oberyn-- known as the Red Viper-- and Gregor Clegane-- the Mountain-- to decide the fate of Tyrion Lannister, took place in the last five minutes of the episode.

Prince Oberyn chose to fight the Mountain, not so much to save Tyrion’s life but, to kill Clegane as revenge for raping and killing his sister and then her children. Yet, the Red Viper got too arrogant.

A new and well-liked character on the show, Prince Oberyn's death was surprising, hard to watch and messy to say the least.

Mashable posted a video to their site of a group of people watching Oberyn’s death at Burlington Bar in Chicago, Illinois. Watch as some stare at the screen, mouth agape while others shriek and hide behind fingers clasped over their eyes.

For those fans who are still in denial after last Sunday’s episode, Buzzfeed posted a video of how fans wish the fight between the Mountain and Oberyn would have ended.

One thing all Game of Thrones fans should realize by now is that this is George R.R. Martin’s world and we’re living in it for his amusement.



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