Fans pay for Foo Fighters Richmond concert, group agrees to play

By Kaitlyn Clay,

It's been 16 years since Foo Fighters have been to Richmond, Virginia, and apparently the band's fans there got fed up about it. Four friends set up crowd sourcing campaign for a hypothetical concert and sold enough tickets to actually convince the band to perform.

The four friends created a website, where they uploaded a video and set their countdown for several days to raise the money. The people who bought the $50 tickets weren't worried at all because full refunds were promised.

Thankfully, the refunds weren't necessary and all the Richmond Foo Fighters fans will be able to see them sometime soon. After a few businesses and even a radio station pitched, in the friends met the goal they set on Sunday, Entertainment Weekly reported.

The Foo Fighters tweeted back and plans are in the works for location and date now. Hopefully fans won't have to wait too long and will get to finally see the band perform after years and years of waiting.

image courtesy of Carlos Diaz/INFphoto.com



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