A financial report has found New York is the best state for teen drivers

By Elizabeth Learned,

A financial website called WalletHub has put together a list of the best and worst states for teenage drivers, with New York topping at number one for the best state.

According to CBS News, the report used statistics including safety, financial, and data coming from reports of teenagers who drove under the influence, whether the state’s traffic laws were strong or not, as well as other factors like insurance.

South Dakota ranked as the worst state at number 50. New York, Hawaii, Illinois, Oregon, and Rhode Island made up the top five. An interactive map allows you to see how your state compares to others. For example, California ranked at 11 while Florida ranked at 34.

Syracuse reported the there were 16 factors total that played a role in putting together the information.

The report’s goal was to help parents and adults understand the facts so they could “safeguard against unforeseeable events when their teens are on the road.”

It is reported that when it comes to the leading cause of death for teenagers, the cause is motor vehicle crashes, so this report is important in keeping teens safe while driving.

You can check out the map here.



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