Flier arrested for allegedly telling fellow passenger 'I kill white women,' denies accusations

By Daniel S Levine,

A woman flying from Nashville to Houston on Sunday was arrested just before takeoff for allegedly threatening a fellow passenger after she was asked to turn off her phone. The woman denies the accusations.

Lashonda Williams told KHOU-TV that she had misplaced her phone and had an app that would help her find it. She eventually found it and the passenger next to her was not happy that she still had the phone on as the plane was preparing for takeoff.

“She said you need to put your phone away," Williams told the station. "And I said look lady, you don't know me. I don't know you. Could you please just say nothing to me? I just lost my phone."

Williams then said the woman insulted her and then she saw that the plane was going back to the terminal. The pilot can be heard telling air traffic control that they needed police due to a “threat to another passenger.” Police escorted her off the plane and she was arrested.

Court documents show that during the other passenger has accused Williams of telling her, “I kill white people like you.” Williams denies doing that, noting that her boyfriend is white.

“I cannot believe for the life of me that she would make up something like that,” she told KHOU.

According to WSMV, Williams was charged with assault. She will have to head back to Nashville for a court date on June 25.



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