Flip Saunders to move back to Timberwolves bench

By Luke Wiersma,
Amid the Team’s Struggles To Find a Suitable Coach, Flip Saunders Will Instead Take Over the Position Himself.

Nearly 10 years after Flip Saunders left the position of head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves, he will once again take his old spot on the team’s bench.

In the wake of Minnesota’s desperation to keep franchise cornerstone power forward Kevin Love, 25, Saunders will take on this position in addition to his duties as President of Basketball Operations, a job which he took over a little more than year ago, notes Timberwolves.com.

While it has been speculated that Saunders might make this move in an effort to persuade Love to stay, according to ESPN, it remains to be seen as to whether these turn of events will have any influence on Love’s decision. Love will be a free agent at the end of next season.

But one might argue that it couldn’t hurt.

ESPN.com notes that Saunders has had more success than any other Wolves coach. Saunder's .558 winning percentage is .249 higher than the rest of Minnesota’s coaches combined. His seven seasons above .500 and eight playoff appearances also puts the rest of the coaches to shame, all of which have combined to put up goose eggs in both categories. During those playoff appearances though, his winning percentage was .362, nominally better than the combined regular season .309 winning percentage of the rest of the coaches, as mentioned above.

Some will argue valid notion that Saunders’s return to coaching will bring stability during this uneasy time of frenzy as the organization awaits the unfolding of the Love situation and its fallout. This remains to be seen, as is the impact that this all will have on Kevin Love, and his future with the Timberwolves.



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