Florida man allegedly plotted to slay family, videotape child rape

By Michelle Kapusta,

A man in Florida was arrested and charged for allegedly plotting to kill a family and videotape himself raping a 9-year-old girl.

According to FOX News, authorities said that Shawn Thomas was arrested for the deplorable allegations. He was charged with attempted premeditated homicide, attempting to commit capital sexual battery and possession of child pornography.

The New York Daily News noted that Thomas allegedly lured a father, grandfather and little girl to a vacant home under the false pretenses that he’d film the child for a student film.

Luckily, the grandfather grew suspicious of the 29-year-old and the location and the family left without being harmed.

Law enforcement said that the suspect allegedly planned to stab the male adults to death and then videotape himself raping the child before killing her as well. The disturbing details were allegedly brought to light after his arrest on Thursday.

Police arrested Thomas after they were tipped off by an anonymous source that he allegedly planned to try his twisted plot again.

He is being held without bond.



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