Foo Fighters agree to play Crowdfunded Richmond concert

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Foo Fighters have been working on their latest album and are filming an HBO special about the process that they went through to create it. While they have been working, fans of the band in Richmond, Virginia noticed that as a band they hadn't played their hometown since back in 1998. Because of this lack of concerts, fans took matters into their own hands and created an online campaign to bring the band back to Richmond.

Billboard reported that this online campaign featured more than signatures. Fans used the funding site, Crowdtilt, to raise over $70,000 in ticket sales that would sell out the not-yet-scheduled concert. The goal of selling out the concert was reached earlier today.

The Foo Fighters recently took to their Twitter account to announce that they would play the show in Richmond.

The official venue and location has not yet been announced for this concert, Entertainment Weekly reported. However, even without an official venue or date, it looks like fans have had their voices heard and will be enjoying seeing the Foo Fighters return to their hometown for the first time in a while.

Image Credit: INFphoto.com Ref: infuslv-07/Orken



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