Former co-host of ‘Good Morning America’ Joan Lunden has breast cancer

By Ricky Yandoli,

Former longtime co-host of Good Morning America, Joan Lunden, has announced on her website that she has breast cancer.

After going for an annual mammogram with her doctor, she said she was fine and that all seemed well. That was until her doctor suggested she get an ultrasound as well. After Lunden’s biopsy was finished, her doctor told her that she had breast cancer. It was devastating news that she never expected to hear.

Initially, Lunden was going to keep the news a secret and private. After giving it thought, she decided to go public with the news. Lunden feels people should know her entire life journey. People should know the good things that have happened as well as the bad things.

“I have decided to talk about my breast cancer because since the moment I took the job at Good Morning America I have lived my life sharing my joys and my disappointments with all of you: my pregnancies, my relationships, my career… I have shared my journey. So it certainly didn’t feel right keeping this part of my journey a secret,” said Lunden, according to JoanLunden.com.

Lunden co-hosted Good Morning America from 1980 until 1997, reported by CNN. She has had a very successful career, and has made a name for herself in journalism. Known for being a fighter, Lunden is and will continue battling the newfound cancer as she has already started chemotherapy treatment.

Image credit to B. Ach/INFevents.com



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