'The Fosters' Recap: 2.02 'Take Me Out'

By Kelly Sarna,

Callie’s adoption struggles continue in this episode of The Fosters. Also, Brandon tries to figure out his future without the piano in it.

We start this episode with Brandon on the couch in the living room, staring at the piano he can never play. Stef joins him and the two reminisce of the times when he was younger and would run to Stef’s room at night for comfort from bad dreams. Now that he’s older, keeping him from harm isn’t that easy. Brandon explains that he still doesn’t have feeling in his hand and he’s worried about his future as a pianist. Stef tells him not to worry and everything will work out.

The following morning, Lena walks down to find Stef and Brandon adorably asleep on the couch. Some things never change.

During the family’s breakfast, Stef and Lena announce that everyone must be present for tonight’s family dinner. Everyone agrees, except for Jude who has plans with Connor; they’re going to the batting cages with Connor’s father. Everyone tries to stifle a giggle at the thought of Jude playing baseball. Also, Brandon pipes up that he still wants to go through with surgery to fix the nerves in his hand. Stef and Lena shut him down.

At Mike’s house, Stef is there to try and talk to Mike and Dani. Once out of earshot, Stef asks Dani about the night she found Mike drunk and covered in blood. Dani answers that yes he was drunk and had blood on him, but if she wants all the information, she best talk to Mike himself.

Later with Jude and Connor, they’re practicing their batting swings with Connor’s father. More like, Connor’s getting yelled at by his Dad, and Jude is barely hitting a ball. Afterwards, Jude compliments Connor on his baseball skills and pats him on the back. Connor’s father sees this “public display of affection” and stares at the two.

It’s time for Callie’s shift at the Burger Stand where she has an admirer…kinda. While cleaning tables outside, she sees a man (Robert Quinn) and offers him a refill for a soda. He replies it’s a milkshake to which she jokingly admits much better milkshakes are down the street. He tries to get more information out of her like her work schedule and Callie replies. Turns out after he left, he left a $100 tip.

At the Adams-Foster house, Stef, Lena and their lawyer are going over the necessary actions to assure Callie’s adoption. As Callie comes downstairs, they explain the only way Robert Quinn will give his consent is if they conduct a D.N.A. test to prove she’s his daughter. Later during family dinner, once again Brandon asks about the surgery. Stef states she and Mike discussed it and they are against it completely. Hearing this, Lena’s expression looks hurt. After not getting his way, Brandon storms up to his room.

In Brandon’s room, Callie walks in and asks if he can still play just not classical. He can, that just isn’t his future. He’s hurt everyone’s assuming the worst case scenario with the surgery. Callie can relate. She can’t believe her own father wants her to take a test to prove he’s hers. But will she do it to get adopted? Absolutely. She has no choice. Brandon on the other hand, has a choice.

The next day at school, Timothy is outside Lena’s office. Turns out, he’s helping to pick the new principal. He explains no matter what, he’ll act professional regardless of their history. Lena just says, “Right, like the time you promised to sign the donor release contract and then didn’t?”

It’s time for the D.N.A testing. Callie is present and partaking in it (and she had to be pulled out of school), Robert Quinn is not. At the house, Callie raves to Mariana that while she didn’t want to see him, a part of her was disappointed that he didn’t even show up.

Moments later, Mariana walks into Brandon’s room wondering if he’ll give her a ride somewhere. There’s a band Jesus, Emma, Mariana and Callie want to see, but they have no way of getting there. After much convincing, he accepts. Ecstatic, Mariana runs to Callie saying he’s going and the two couldn’t be happier. They don’t call Mariana “Miss Thing” for nothing.

Once they arrive, Brandon meets one of the band members, Matt, and turns out he knows him. And once the band starts playing, complete with stunning lead singer, Lucy, Brandon immediately becomes interested.

Back at the house, Lena explains to her wife about Timothy being one of the people to decide who gets to be principal. Stef can’t help but think that Lena shouldn’t run for principal. Not believing that her own wife doesn’t think she can be the principal, she storms out of the room. Just then, the ladies are greeted by Mike who wants to have a word with Stef alone. After being kept out from the decision of Brandon’s surgery, and Stef’s decision on her being principal, Lena leaves rather upset. With Stef and Mike, he doesn’t think it’s necessary that she try even more to drive Brandon and him apart. Not knowing what he means, Mike continues. He explains that Dani told him about her and Stef’s chat about “that night.” Since it’s all out in the open, Stef asks if during that night he fought Ana. He immediately claims he wasn’t even by her that night. His facial expressions say otherwise though.

After the show, Matt wants to know how they sounded to Brandon, musician-to-musician style. Brandon’s honest, but too honest for Lucy who dramatically leaves. Regardless, Matt says he should jam with them sometime.

Once back home, Brandon tries to put his spin on the band’s songs. Lena and Stef come bounding into his room the second they hear music. They’re so happy he’s back to playing the piano. It’s then Brandon tells them he wants to wait on the surgery, to see if it heals over time. His moms are okay with it, as long as it’s something he wants to do. While Brandon has his surgery situation solved, Callie googles Robert Quinn and is surprised by who she finds.

The next day at school, Jude tells Connor that he has a cool video game they can play during the sleepover. Connor tells him he can’t sleepover/hang at his house anymore because his dad thinks he’s gay. He’s his dad and he has to listen to him. Connor knows he isn’t really gay though. But Jude asks him, what if he was gay; would Connor still hang out with him?

At Callie’s work, Daphne tells her that “Milkshake Man” is outside. Now knowing that he’s her father, Callie goes off on him. She admits she googled him and knows who he is. He explains the D.N.A. test wasn’t his idea and he had no clue she existed until recently. He hands her a letter and tells her he’ll sign the papers as soon as he’s able to.

While Stef’s at the station she is informed a body was just discovered and it might be the person she’s looking for.

We end this episode later at home. Callie opens up the letter to find out it’s from her half-sister. She writes that she can’t believe she has a sister and how she really wants to meet her.

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