Free Wi-Fi approved for New York City airports

By Elizabeth Learned,

Many airports around the country are equipped with free Wi-Fi and now New York City’s major airports will also have free Wi-Fi for passengers.

The Associated Press reported that the decision to approve free Wi-Fi access for travelers at Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia, and John F. Kennedy International airports was made by New York and New Jersey’s Port Authority.

However, the service would only be free for half an hour and the cost for the day would come to $7.95.

Global Gateway Alliance, an airport advocacy group, did say this is a plan that is similar to ones that are used in other airports, although there is unlimited Wi-Fi in some locations.

Reuters reported that when the Port Authority’s board of commissioners was making the decision and that the contract would be made with Boingo Wireless, an Internet provider that is used by many other major airports.

Besides the three airports mentioned above, two others do not have free Wi-Fi: the Chicago O’Hare and Miami International airports.

A previous contract with Boingo has been revised due to the agreement being made regarding free Wi-Fi. Before, individuals in airports had to pay for Internet access.

"When we poll our customers, free Wi-Fi is the amenity that they most often requested," Patrick Foye, head of the Port Authority, said of the decision.



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