Gallup poll finds dwindling confidence in Supreme Court, Congress and presidency

By Kyle Johnson,

A Gallup poll released on Monday found that the American public continues to have flagging confidence in any of the branches of government, with the Supreme Court and Congress managing to hit record lows.

Just as two more rulings were handed out by the country's highest court, the Gallup poll, who interviewed more than 1,000 people between June 5-8, revealed that confidence in the Supreme Court has dropped to a record low of 30 percent, which is a 7 point drop over the past two years.

The numbers weren't any better for President Barack Obama or Congress. Confidence in the presidency dropped to 29 percent, hitting a six-year low. The number managed to be lower than year six of George W. Bush's presidency, which mustered 33 percent approval, and then dropped much further over his last two years in office. It will be interesting to see if Obama drops as far as Bush.

Congress managed to fall below double digits in confidence from the American people to 7 percent. There has been a steady decline since 2002, when Congress had a 29 percent approval rating.

While the Supreme Court has the best approval rating of the three, it would be interesting to see what their number would be had their latest ruling dropped at the beginning of the month.

The Supreme Court backed Hobby Lobby and the right of certain corporations to claim religious exemption from providing contraceptive coverage, with the ruling going down ideology lines 5-4.

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