'General Hospital' weekly recap – 6/9-6/13

By Sari N. Kent,
Silas told Sam that he hasn’t told Nina about them yet, Julian told Jordan that Ric wasn’t really their boss and that he was coming back to work, Anna learned that Ric wasn’t Julian’s boss, Sabrina acted strangely in response to her son’s funeral, Rafe Jr. punched TJ, Silas came clean with Nina, Maxie and Levi fought, Sonny told Duke that who really killed Connie, Sam offered to help Patrick find the hit-and-run driver that killed baby Gabriel, Maxie and Nathan commiserated and Ric, Anna and Nathan faked Ric’s death in order to flush out the identity of Julian’s real boss.

At Kelly’s, Sam told a shocked Nathan about Nina’s arrival at Danny’s party. She told him that she seemed fine other than being in a wheelchair and that she spent the night at Silas’ apartment.

“Luke” called Julian from his tropical honeymoon with Tracy and told him that he was worried that he was going to have to go after Julian’s daughter next if he didn’t do as he said. Then, Tracy came in and yelled at “Luke” reminding him that there were no cell phones on their honeymoon. He lied and said he was calling Lulu to check up on her since Rocco had a fever and Tracy agreed to let the call slide. After she left, “Luke” told Julian to get back to work. Julian replied that he thought the bust made it a bad idea to continue bringing drugs into town, but “Luke” said the PCPD would think another family picked up the drug trade, pushed him to round up another crew with Jordan and to use his immunity to move the product again. Julian agreed. “Luke” then told Julian that he was looking forward to an hour alone with a hot masseuse when Tracy re-appeared and told him that she had just snagged the last couples’ massage. Julian wished him luck, sarcastically, before hanging up.

Jordan covertly met with Ava in the park to discuss Ric since the higher ups wanted to make sure they had the right person in custody since the public thought the PCPD had botched the investigation and Anna wanted to set the record straight with an iron-clad case. Anna wanted to know how TJ felt about his mom not really being a drug dealer and Jordan admitted she hadn’t seen him since she was released to tell him the truth. Anna then told Jordan that she knew what it felt like to have her family think the worst of her and wondered why Jordan hadn’t told TJ the truth yet. Anna then added that her daughter, Robin, still carried the scars from Anna’s choices. Later, Jordan left a voicemail for TJ begging to talk. Then, Julian showed up and told Jordan that their boss wanted them back to work. She was confused because Ric was in jail. He then told her that their boss wasn’t Ric!

At his apartment, Silas introduced Nina to Kiki, his daughter with Ava, who he didn’t know existed until recently. Nina sadly commented that she was supposed to have his child and then Kiki excused herself. Nina then told Silas that she learned about her miscarriage when she woke up and was devastated. Silas apologized for hurting her with the affair. Then, Nathan arrived and introduced himself as James, her younger brother. Nina was ecstatic! Kiki then dashed out and Silas followed so Nina could catch up with Nathan/James.

Out in the hall, Kiki asked Silas what this meant for him and Sam.

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