'General Hospital' Weekly Recap – Week of 6/16-6/20

By Sari N. Kent,
Baby Gabriel’s memorial service was held, Nathan and Levi fought, Juan Santiago returned to comfort Sabrina in her time of loss, Franco moved in with Carly, Nathan went on the stand at Maxie’s custody hearing, Molly moved out of Alexis’, “Luke” sent an emissary to keep Jordan and Julian in line in his absence, Sam and Nina talked, but Sam was still wary, Tracy fooled Michael into getting back into ELQ and Nina showed her true colors behind closed doors.

At his and Sabrina’s apartment, Felix worried over his tie for baby Gabriel’s memorial service. Sabrina thanked him for picking out her funeral outfit. Then, Juan arrived and told Sabrina that he wished that he would have gotten to meet his little cousin and told her that she didn't have to say goodbye alone. Before leaving for the service, Sabrina needed a second to pull herself together.

Sonny barged into Anna's office and demanded some answers about Ric's death. She assured him that Nathan's behavior was above reproach. He then asked Anna if there was a chance that Ric might have been framed. Anna wouldn’t give Sonny any information so they started to bicker. He then told Anna that he didn't think Duke needed to hold up his end of his deal with Anna to stop working for him since she didn't holdup hers by letting Julian go. They bickered some more about that and then he strolled out.

At Silas' apartment, as he prepared to leave for work, he found Nina upset. She replied that it was because she had found their old wedding photo. "I'm never going to find that kind of happiness again," she said. He assured her that they still would a relationship and that would always be friends. After Silas left, Rafe Jr. stumbled out of his room. Nina noticed that he had something on his nose and correctly guessed that it was cocaine. Rafe Jr. tried to convince her that it was just remnants from a powdered donut he just ate, but she didn't buy it. He then admitted it was cocaine but, claimed it wasn’t a problem since his life was already ruined. They then talked about how hard it is to lose the person you love to someone else. He then promised to stop using drugs, handed her the rest of his cocaine stash and begged her not to tell Silas. Nina agreed, but said she’d be watching him. Then, he ran off.

Elizabeth was at GH picking up her last paycheck. Then, Sam arrived and paid her condolences to Elizabeth about Ric. Later, Sam spotted Silas. He told her that he had told Nina about them and that she said that she wouldn't stand in their way. Sam replied that she felt bad for Nina, but was startled when Silas explained that Nina would be staying with him since she was broke and he felt responsible for her. Silas then reiterated how much he loved Sam, how she was his top priority and wanted her to tell him how she felt about the situation. Sam replied that she needed to think about it.

A shirtless Nathan was jogging in the park and came upon Levi, who broke from his meditation to taunt him about being a murderer. Nathan replied that he was contradicting what he told Maxie yesterday about baby Gabriel’s death being part of the “universe’s plan.” Then, they got territorial and Levi accused him of wanting more than Maxie's friendship. Nathan then taunted Levi back by telling how he and Maxie went out for drinks the day before and “she ate my meat and she liked it." Levi then punched Nathan to the ground. Maxie then arrived and yelled at Levi, who apologized. Maxie then confessed that had she ate ribs and wondered what they were arguing about. Neither would say, so she dragged Levi off to the memorial service.

Patrick was at the church thinking about his deceased baby son. Maxie arrived, gave him a hug and apologized for not visiting him and the baby in the hospital. She then brought up Robin and he said that their marriage was over. Then, Elizabeth arrived with Scorpio the koala and told Patrick that Emma wanted baby Gabriel to have it. Then, Juan and Sabrina arrived. She apologized to Patrick for her behavior the day before. He replied that they just needed to move on. She then told him that she might go to Puerto Rico with Juan for awhile, to get away and heal. Patrick thought that was a good idea.

Elsewhere, Julian complained to “Luke” over the phone about the Ric situation. Julian was worried about more people dying. Then, Duke showed up and gets threatened Julian, who told Duke that he wanted to end their feud and move on. Still determined to see Julian pay for putting him in a Turkish prison for two decades and killing his and Anna’s unborn child, Duke told Julian that he would never stop wanting revenge and stormed off. Later, Sonny showed up and cornered Julian.

Back at the church, Epiphany sung "Amazing Grace." Rafe Jr. arrived, but hid at the back. Patrick and Sabrina put the koala on baby Gabriel’s coffin. After the service, Sabrina said goodbye to Patrick before leaving for Puerto Rico with Juan. Meanwhile, Levi apologized to Maxie for being an ass. She replied that she hoped that he and Nathan could learn to get along.

Meanwhile, Duke and Anna talked about when they lost their child and wondered about what could have been. He then told her that he wouldn't stand for Julian walking free.

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