“General Hospital” weekly recap – Week of 6/2-6/6

By Sari N. Kent,
Alexis told Molly upsetting news about Ric, Lucas woke up, Silas told Sam how he felt about her, Patrick and Sabrina received bad news about baby Gabriel, Morgan and Carly learned that Ava was pregnant, Nina shocked Silas and Sam by showing up alive and well at Danny’s birthday party, Morgan told Ava to have an abortion and Nathan lied for Maxie so she could reschedule her visitation hearing!

Nikolas showed up at Elizabeth's with the newspaper article about Ric. She insisted it was all lies, but Nikolas wanted her to see the truth about Ric. "He lied to me?" she wondered. She admitted that she slept with Ric last night and that he seemed clueless when the cops came after him. Elizabeth then wondered what was wrong with her and felt stupid. Nikolas hugged her.

At Silas', Sam read the paper to him and noticed he was hiding something. She grabbed it. It was his wedding photo. She was surprised by how beautiful Nina was and told him that he didn't have to hide it. He replied that he thought it was time to let go of Nina and live in the present like she would have wanted him to. He then added that meeting Sam has freed him from his past. He then told Sam that he loved her and that it scared him. Sam then told Silas that she loved him too, that he'd given her the kind of future that she thought she had lost. They kissed and he led her to the bedroom. Moments later, they had to split up and head to Danny’s birthday party. After he left, Sam stared at the wedding photo until there was a knock at the door.

At GH, Lucas woke up with Julian by his bed. Julian assured him that he was safe and that his old boss was now out of the picture. Felix then popped in to change Lucas' bandage. Julian then wandered outside Lucas’ room and bumped into Bobbie in the corridor. She ripped into him. "Lucas is in way more danger from your family than he is from mine!" he blurted out. She's shocked. He then claimed that he was referring to Carly dating a serial killer and walked away.

Meanwhile, Brad showed up at GH ranting to Britt about the gay wedding he just attended. She finally stopped his babbling to tell him that Lucas almost died while he was away. Once he heard where Lucas’ room was, he ran down the hall to his room and found Felix changing Lucas’ bandages. Brad then demanded to know if they were together. Felix confirmed that they had been dating. Brad and Felix then started to bicker until Bobbie burst in and demanded to know what was going on. She then kicked them both out and fluffed Lucas’ pillow.

Nathan paid Patrick and Sabrina a visit in the baby ward. He questioned them about the car accident again, asking if they remembered anything new. Once he was finished, he headed down the hall and bumped into Britt. They recalled their mother's antics at The Nurse's ball. He told Britt that Madeline said that Nina was still alive. Nathan then added that he didn’t know how to tell Silas or if it was even true. Britt thought that Silas had the right to know.

Back down the hall, Patrick and Sabrina wondered why anyone would want to run them off the road on purpose. When they went in to see baby Gabriel, his machines started making noises. Britt immediately rushed in with a team of nurses.

Over by the elevators, Nathan ran into Silas and told him that there was something that he needed to know.

At home, Alexis told Molly that the man responsible for Lucas’ shooting had been arrested. Molly hoped he rotted in prison. "It's your father," Alexis then added. Molly was confused so Alexis told her that Ric was a mob boss/Julian’s boss and handed her the paper. "It's all lies!" screamed Molly, telling Alexis that she should be at the PCPD helping Ric. Alexis replied that she wouldn't. Molly was disappointed that Alexis could help “all of her other daughters' fathers,” but not hers and stormed off. Later, Julian arrived to pick Alexis up for Danny’s birthday party. She filled him in on what happened with Molly. He told Alexis that he was sorry and gave her a hug. Then, Molly returned and asked Julian to admit that he was lying about her father. Alexis defended Julian, who sighed and claimed that what he'd said was true. Molly replied that she was sure that he was lying and stormed off again. She found TJ on the porch, told him what's happening and that she wants to head to the PCPD. Then, Alexis came out and explained that the Feds were talking to Ric right now and that she’d have to wait to see him. She then asked Molly to come with her to Danny's birthday party. Molly groaned and agreed.

Franco was in the park drawing caricatures of a woman. She didn't like them and stormed off. Kiki jogged by. She asked him to sketch her and talked about her dinner plans with Ava. He doubted that meal was going to happen. "I'm pretty sure your mother is dead," he told Kiki, who got upset and needed an explanation, but Franco just offered her ice cream. She declined then called Ava’s cell, which she picked up. They confirmed their dinner plans were still a go, as a shocked Franco couldn’t believe that Ava was still breathing.

At GH, Sabrina begged Britt to save baby Gabriel’s life. Patrick and Sabrina were sent out of the room. Moments later, Britt came out to inform them that the baby Gabriel’s vital organs were necrotizing and shutting down, that there was nothing to be done and that the baby would be dead in a few hours. Sabrina wanted a second opinion so Britt offered to call Dr. Porter. After she left, Patrick told Sabrina that there was nothing they could do but accept this. Crying, she told Patrick that she wasn’t strong enough to do that. He then took her hand and told her that they'll have to do it together.

Ava and Sonny were in the elevator at GH. She repeated that she was pregnant, but Sonny still wanted a blood test as proof. They get out and interrupted Nathan and Silas. Nathan then told them that Julian had named Ric as his boss. Sonny then dragged Ava away for her appointment. Nathan found their behavior odd. "For Ava, odd is any day ending in y," Silas quipped. Nathan then brought up Nina. Silas replied that he was moving on with his life and that Nina was finally at peace. Nathan then told Silas that he was looking for Nina’s remains. Silas offered any help he could give then hopped on the elevator.

Down the hall, Carly worried over the phone that she hadn't heard from Sonny. She wonders if Ava had turned the tables on him. Carly then spotted Morgan and got off the phone. She told him she knew about Sonny and Ava’s fling. He gave her the details of their “crypt sex” incident and she cringed. She then promised him that Ava would never hurt him again. Morgan wasn’t so sure. Carly then suggested that he may never see Ava again because Julian got rid of her. Then, Franco called and informed Carly that Ava was alive.

In a room down the hall at GH, Ava assured Sonny that she had no idea Julian was working for Ric. Then, Britt showed up and ran the pregnancy blood test. Kiki called in a panic. Ava confirmed that she was back in town and ready to have dinner with hr. She got off the phone and Sonny told her she would be dining in Hell if the test results weren't positive. Moments later, they strolled out and bumped into Morgan and Carly. Ava then told Carly and Morgan them that she was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Nathan told Britt that he couldn't ruin Silas' happiness without knowing if Nina was really alive.

Rafe showed up at Sam's door with a cop. The cop explained that Rafe was caught stealing, but the victim didn't press charges. After the cop left, Rafe explained that he only stole five dollars because he wanted to get a birthday gift for Danny. Sam wanted to table the discussion and head to the party. Rafe replied that he didn't want to go because Molly and TJ would be there.

Later, Silas went back to his apartment up to grab Danny’s gift and put Nina's photo away. After he left, Rafe came out of his room and pulled out some cocaine.

At Danny's birthday party, Alexis assured Julian that he did the right thing. Sam arrived with Danny and Silas was soon to follow. He told her about what happened with Nathan. They were both shocked when they wandered over to Danny and found Nina sitting with him.

Sonny said that he never meant for this to happen but Morgan didn’t want to hear it. As Ava and Morgan went off to talk, Carly told Sonny that she now understood why Ava was still alive. Meanwhile, in a treatment room, Morgan asked Ava if the baby was his. She replied that she wasn’t sure since she was with Morgan and Sonny on the same day, which appalled Morgan. She then asked him to see past the bitterness to the “blessing in disguise.” She then added that she loved him and promised that what happened with Sonny was just a big mistake. His response was to tell her to have an abortion, which Ava refused to do.. Outside the room, Sonny told Carly how much it was killing him that Ava was getting away with Connie’s murder, but then assured her that once the baby is born “all bets were off.” Then, Morgan stormed past and Sonny chased after him, leaving Carly and Ava alone together. Ava then accused Carly of being jealous, thinking she had a cosmic bond with Sonny because she had his baby, but she’d have to share that bond. Carly then reminded Ava that she would be dead if it weren’t for the baby and revealed that she was the one who gave AJ’s recording to Sonny. Carly then added that she even had a bottle of Dom on ice to celebrate when she got the call that Ava was dead. Ava replied that champagne would have to wait, that this baby was her protection. She then told Carly that she didn’t have a life insurance policy from her and that she (Ava) considered Carly a genuine threat, just like she did Connie. She then told Carly that she was the one who shot Olivia and told her to make her peace because when she least expected it, she would be next. Carly replied that better women than her have tried to get rid of her and failed. Ava then told Carly that she was going to use the next 36 weeks to convince Sonny not to kill her. Then, Sonny returned and stopped Carly from hitting Ava. She then told Sonny that Ava had just threatened to kill her just like Connie, which Ava denied. Then, Carly left and Sonny informed Ava that she was coming home with him.

Meanwhile, in the NICU, Felix and Epiphany were devastated for Patrick and Sabrina and helped them hold baby Gabriel for the first and last time. Sabrina sobbed as she held him close. She apologized for not being able to protect him. Patrick then held Sabrina and she told Epiphany and Felix that she wanted baby Gabriel baptized. Patrick left with Epiphany and he broke down a bit. She told him how she lost a son too and how it hurt her to her core, but she would make sure he got through it. The priest then baptized baby Gabriel in front of Patrick, Sabrina, Epiphany and Felix. Later, Felix returned with Sabrina’s mother’s stethoscope so she could listen to the baby’s heartbeat. She smiled when she heard it, then both she and Patrick said goodbye to Gabriel as his heart stopped beating.

At the courthouse, Nathan made an angry call to find out where Nina was. Then, Maxie arrived, hoping to reschedule her missed visitation hearing court date. She told Nathan that she didn’t tell Levi where she was going because they didn’t see eye to eye on the subject. She didn’t tell Mac and Felicia either and regretted doing this on her own. Nathan offered to come with her and she accepted. Then, Diane arrived and was glad to see Nathan, thinking his good standing in the community and endorsement would sway the judge. Inside, Diane pleaded Maxie’s case, but the judge wants to add six months to the visitation ban and accused her of not being responsible enough to be with her child if she couldn’t even keep an appointment. Then, Nathan stepped in and told the judge that Maxie never received the notice about the hearing because he accidentally threw it out. The judge then allowed Maxie to reschedule the hearing. Once the judge was gone, Maxie thanked Nathan and told him that she owed him. Nathan smiled and replied that he would think of how she could repay him. Diane then hugged Maxie, chuckled and whispers to her that Nathan was a “keeper.”

Mac arrived at Maxie’s apartment with takeout. Levi reminded Mac that Maxie was a vegan now and tried to shut the door on him. Mac pushed back and told him that he just brought her cornbread and macaroni and cheese, which Levi still objected to. He then told Levi that it was time they talked and that he had a big problem with Levi as Maxie’s father. Levi replied that Mac really wasn’t Maxie’s father, which Mac took offense to. He then told Levi that Maxie never found herself after suffering her trauma with Lulu, Dante and the baby… she found him. Levi defended himself, said that he has made a real effort to get to know Maxie’s family, including Felicia’s Aztec background, that he thought Maxie’s evolution was for the better and accuses Mac of raising Maxie as a self-centered person. He then added that Maxie was finally putting the nightmare of her daughter behind her. Mac thought Maxie should be fighting for her daughter. Levi then said that he wanted to bury the hatchet. Mac agreed to do so for Maxie’s sake and told Levi to have Maxie call him.

Silas arrived at the picnic in the park with Sam and was shocked to see Nina, alive and well, and in a wheelchair. Nina told Silas that she was back and Sam looked sick. Alexis and Julian then suggested Sam give them privacy, but she said that she wasn’t going anywhere. Silas then told Nina that he thought she was dead and she told him that Madeline had lied. She then kissed his hands and said that she was determined not to let anything ever get between them again, not her mother or his mistress Ava. She was happy to hear his relationship with Ava was over when he told her and since he never filed for divorce that meant he was as committed as she was to their marriage. He then asked how she got to Port Charles and she told him she had people look him up on the internet. She then told him how impressed she was with his accomplishments. He replied that her he tried to find her and she told him that she was transferred when she woke up. She then asks him if he got the flowers she sent him and thought he would recognize them from their wedding. Then, Sam interrupted and said that Silas thought the flowers were from her for saving her son’s life. Nina then said that she was tired and wanted “my husband to take me home” and added how she couldn’t wait to pick up with Silas where they had left off. Sam encouraged Silas to go with Nina and he wheeled her off, though he wanted to stay. Once Silas and Nina were gone, Julian and Alexis comforted Sam.

By the pier, Morgan thought about Ava’s plea about getting back together. Then, Sonny caught up, determined to talk. Sonny told him that he knew that it was a messed up situation and Morgan considered that a huge understatement. Morgan then wanted to know why Ava told Sonny about her pregnancy first and then accused Sonny of visiting Ava on his island so he could be with her, but Sonny said he that he just needed to talk to her. Sonny then added that he hated the situation and hated himself for what he did. Morgan replied that made two of them and said that they were done for good.

Patrick and Sabrina then held each other and the baby. Sabrina told baby Gabriel how much she loved him as Elizabeth and Felix came in for the baby. Then, Sabrina bawled and Patrick promised her that they would get through it. Later, Sabrina and Patrick passed baby Gabriel off to Elizabeth and told him how much they loved him. Sabrina then asked Felix to take her home and told Patrick how sorry she was. He held her face and told her to remember their son and the time they had with him. Once he was alone with Elizabeth, Patrick broke down, telling her that he had so much hope that Gabriel would make it. Elizabeth cried and told Patrick that now Gabriel was in his heart and memories like Jake was with her. She had a bag of Gabriel’s things and he pulled Emma’s animal Scorpio out. Then, he cried as he wondered how he was going to tell Emma that her new baby brother was gone. Elizabeth offered to help him break the news to her.

Sam angrily cleaned up the birthday party at the park, feeling miffed and guilty at the same time that Silas’ dead wife had come back to life. Alexis urged her to let it all out. They then tossed back some wine and Sam unloaded about how Silas had finally let go of the guilt, how he had just told her that he loved her and that she had said it back. Sam then worried that Silas still loved Nina. Alexis replied that she should have confidence in Silas and herself. They then drank some more and Alexis said that she was sure that Silas would do the right thing. Sam worried that the right thing was for him to be with his wife.

Silas carried Nina across the threshold into his apartment, due to the broken elevator. She looked at him adoringly as he set her on the couch and asked if he remembered their honeymoon. She then said that she never liked the over-the-top place Madeleine had forced on them and thought about how they always had the same take on her controlling mother. Silas then stood, trying to wrap his head around everything. Nina then said that she regretted missing so much time with him and thought that he must have been lonely since he never filed for divorce. She then asked about the other women in his life after Ava. Before he could answer, someone knocked on the door. It was Nina’s nurse Rosalee, who brought her things and offered to help Nina get ready for bed. Nina cooed that she had been waiting so long to curl up in her husband’s arms, but Silas thought it would be best if he slept on the couch. Nina agreed since she wasn’t up to her usual standards and promised to get better so they could share a bed since she planned on doing a lot of tossing and turning. She then credited him with giving her the strength to stay alive and said that she would sleep well knowing that she would see him tomorrow.

Felix and Sabrina got home and there were baby packages all over the apartment. Felix started to pack them up, but Sabrina wanted to look at them and remember how she felt before all of this happened. She then asked to be alone and he reluctantly agreed. He then handed Sabrina her mother’s stethoscope, kissed her on the forehead and went to his room. Sabrina then looked at all off the tiny things she had bought and cried.

Franco was in the park trying to get people to let him sketch them. Then, Olivia showed up and swiped the money in his hat to pay for the damage he did to his room at The Metro Court and ran off. He then had a fit and ripped up his drawings. Then, Carly showed up, told him how she had been worrying about Morgan and filled him in about the Ava situation. Franco complained about Olivia stealing the money he made from painting blind kids. Franco then told Carly that he felt worthless. She replied by saying that she didn’t care what he did for work, she just loved him. Carly then asked him to move in with her so he could start over again and then they kissed.

Morgan dropped by Michael’s place to see Kiki. She sensed something is wrong and he broke the pregnancy news. Kiki had to sit down. "My mother is having my ex-husband's baby?" she gasped. He then pointed out that the baby could be Sonny's. Kiki then got nauseous and wondered if Morgan could forgive Ava for the sake of the baby.

At Maxie's, Nathan ran out of the shower to get his phone, thinking it was Nina, but it was just a telemarketer. He then spilled the sister/cousin news to Maxie. She thanked him for going out of his way to help her at the courthouse and wished she could help him. Then, Levi interrupted and complained about Nathan dripping water on the floor. Nathan then went off to get dressed and Maxie told Levi that she had changed her mind about seeing her daughter. They argued about this and she told him what a help Nathan had been. Levi couldn’t believe she lied to a judge. "I did," Nathan pointed out as he interrupted. After Nathan left, Levi asked Maxie if something was going on between them. She insisted that there wasn't.

Over the phone, Silas told Sam that he needed to tell Nina about them. He got off the line when Nina wheeled into the living room. She wondered why Silas wasn't in bed with her. He then started making coffee and she talked about how much things had changed and added that her doctor had suggested they call her brother but she said that she wasn’t ready for that. "We loved each other right?" she asked. He confirmed that they had and she asked him to help her onto the sofa. As he held her up, they nearly kissed, but Rafe Jr. interrupted. Silas then explained to Nina who he was and Rafe Jr. offered to stay at Sam's for awhile. After Rafe Jr. left, Nina wondered if there was something she needed to know about Sam. He was about to explain when Kiki showed up and Silas had to explain to Nina that she was his daughter.

Alexis and Julian had lunch with Sam and Danny at Kelly's. They rehashed the Nina situation. Julian complained then apologized to Sam for not being there as her father, but hoped that she would let him try. She agreed to do so and he left. Then, Nathan walked in and Sam tipped him off about Nina being alive.

Max dragged Ava into Sonny's front room. He then wandered off and Sonny told her that she was moving in and that Max would be her shadow until the baby was born. "Then I'm going to kill you," he said. He then let her leave with Max to get her stuff. Later, Olivia showed up and she told Sonny that they needed to find a way to be around each other for Dante's sake. Sonny replied that he wanted her back. Olivia replied that she still loved him, but doubted they could make it work. He then took her hand and pulled her close, but she said that they couldn’t rush things. Sonny then started to explain that there was a complication until Ava sauntered in and announced that she was moving in. This didn't go over well and the pregnancy news made it worse. Sonny didn't see the big deal, but Olivia told him to go to Hell and stormed out. "It was all your idea. I'm going to make myself at home," Ava said after Olivia left. A little later, Morgan showed up and told Sonny that he was off the hook, that he still cared about Ava and wanted to do right by the baby. Ava then strolled back in complaining about the lack of closet space and Morgan looked confused.

Rafe Jr. went to the park and bought a gram of cocaine from a drug dealer.



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