German researcher rescued from deep inside cave in the Alps

By Elizabeth Learned,

German researcher who was injured deep in a cavern in the Alps has been rescued.

Johann Westhauser had gone on a research mission with two other companions when he was injured in a rock fall on June 8, the Associated Press reported. He spent two weeks in the cavern while a rescue operation involving over 700 people from multiple nations worked to save him.

The people who rescued Westhauser came from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Croatia, and Italy. His condition throughout the entire ordeal was said to be stable and the operation’s director, Klaus Reindl, said that Westhauser “came through the rescue operation well.”

The New York Times reports the area of the Alps Westhauser had been exploring was called the Riesending, and he was 1,000 meters below the mountain’s surface when he suffered the hit to his head.

The rescue mission was put together when another explorer was able to reach the surface three days after the incident to call for help. A stretcher was used in order to pull Westhauser out of the cave.



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