Goliath, world’s fastest roller coaster, opens at Six Flags in Illinois

By Daniel S Levine,

For anyone who doesn’t like roller coasters, don’t go on Goliath. The newest attraction at the Six Flags Great America theme park in Gurnee, Illinois is being billed as the tallest, steepest and fastest roller coaster in the world. Visitors got their first chance to ride it today.

The park says that the ride takes visitors up a steep 165-foot tall hill, then plunges down 185 feet at 85 degrees. Riders will go as fast as 80 mph and there’s three intense turns, two inversions that suspend you upside-down, plus a 180-degree zero G-roll twist. Oh, and it’s a wooden coaster.

“It's a cutting-edge, innovative roller coaster like none we've ever seen at Six Flags Great America,” Park general manager Hank Salemi told KUSA. Meanwhile, spokeswoman Katy Enrique told Reuters that nearly everyone who went to the park on Thursday spent time in the queue for the ride.

Mike Bare, a coaster fan, was impressed, telling KUSA, “I mean, everything about this ride is very smooth. You'll love it.” Tell that to anyone worried about losing their lunch.

The wooden coaster is actually in the middle of a revival, as coaster buffs enjoy them more than steel coasters and are just as safe. Plus, as Reuters points out, they are cheaper to make.

As for Goliath, the opening wasn’t as smooth as the ride itself is. Oak Leaves notes that the ride was supposed to open back on Memorial Day, but was pushed back until today. There were some runs on Wednesday for the media, but even those were delayed.



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